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    A school competition was held to get the children to write a slogan for the school about biodiversity. The children from all the classes made a huge effort to come up with clever slogans. Some of the children did amazing art work for their slogan too. In 2022-2023 Ms Harrington and Ms Cleary chose one from each class as the best for a special mention at Assembly and then whitled it down to the three best. Then they asked the Green School's Committee to vote for their favourite. They chose the slogan to the right here. It was the work of three past pupils from 6th class - Heather and Holly Brennan and Budgie Connors. We love it.







    Animals, insects, birds and flowers

    Biodiversity has magical powers.


    At Scoil Naomh Áine we have completed a two year cycle to get our Biodiversity Flag from An Taisce Green Schools. Just before the Halloween midterm 2021 we elected our committee. Our first task was to see what do the staff and children in our school know about biodiversity - Do they know what it is about? Do they know how we can help? Do they know what we at school can do in our school grounds to help create a natural environment for biodiversity? We are honoured to have received and raised our new Flag in June 2023.