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    Our breakfast club caters from junior infants to 6th class pupils and will run in conjunction with the school calendar.


    The breakfast club will operate from 8.00am-9.10am daily and the afterschool from 2.00pm-6.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 2.00pm-4.30pm on Friday.


    Children can have their breakfast at the breakfast club and parents can provide cereal, milk, bread etc. on a weekly basis to be stored in the service, if they wish for their children to avail of this daily. (Applicable for children attending 5 mornings).


    Children will also be given the opportunity to engage in activities each morning such as arts and crafts, board games, reading and quiet activities, physical activities and building and construction.


    We aim to provide a safe, fun environment for children to engage and socialise with their peers. Homework can be completed in our Afterschool facility, but we feel it is important that Parents/Guardians check their child’s homework each evening. Most Afternoons, the children will engage in Outdoor Play- playing games such as Basketball, Football and Chase. Children will also get the opportunity to learn about different traditions, celebrating them through baking and/or Arts and Crafts.


    For children who stay after 3.30/4pm (4-5pm/4-6pm), we ask Parents send in food that can be heated each day or extra lunch in their Lunch Boxes through school. Our aim going forward is to limit the amount of food kept onsite in compliance with Regulations around Pest Control.


    In line with Department of Children and Youth Affairs Regulations, all our early year’s staff hold a relevant qualification for their post. Our breakfast club co-ordinator holds a QQI Level 8 degree in early childhood education and care. Other Educators present onsite hold various Qualifications ranging from QQI Level 5 to Level 7/8 Qualifications. They are also trained in first aid, Manual Handling & HACCP.


    We hope that your child’s time with us will be a happy and memorable one. At A Place to Grow we are always seeking to develop and improve, and we hope that your association with us will be rewarding and happy.


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