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Swimming Policy

Plans and Policies
Swimming Policy

  • To enable pupils to acquire basic swimming skills while they are attending Scoil Naomh Áine
  • To comply with the requirements of the Revised Curriculum in aquatics.

Procedures Guidelines
  • Each pupil will attend a 5/6 week session in a swimming pool in 3 rd and 4 th class.
  • Generally, the swimming lessons will take place in the final term of the school year.
  • Costs incurred by hiring of pool, payment of instructors and transport costs necessitate a charge of €45 - €50 being imposed on each pupil.  Payment may be made in advance or weekly. Inability to pay will not preclude a pupil from participating fully in swimming classes.

Instructional Arrangements
The principal will organise the swimming programme for the 3 rd & 4 th class.
Parents will be informed at the beginning of the school year that their child will attend swimming lessons.
Instruction in the pool will be provided by qualified instructors.

Travel and Supervision Arrangements
Pupils will travel to the pool by bus. School management will seek the most competitive rate from bus companies to ensure costs are kept as low as possible for parents/guardians. Teachers and any SNA working with 3 rd and 4 th class will travel on the bus with the pupils.

Dressing Rooms
Teachers will accompany pupils to the door of the boys/girls dressing room. Pupils enter the appropriate dressing room and prepare for the swimming lesson. When all pupils have left the dressing room a teacher will knock on the dressing room door, call out that s/he is going to enter to check the dressing room and wait for a reply. If there is no reply, the teacher will enter to check all pupils are out of the dressing room.
Pupils may be asked by a teacher to tog out/get dressed in a cubicle dressing locker if their behaviour has been problematic on a previous occasions.

Health and Safety
Pupils are required to behave at all times in a manner that ensures the safety of all involved in school swimming.

Parents/Guardians sign a consent on enrolment for children to participate in out of school activities.
Where a parent/guardian has a health concern regarding their child’s participation in swimming, professional advice must be sought before the child participates in the swimming lesson.

In the best interest of the child, it is the duty of parents/guardians to inform the class teacher and/ or Principal with regard to any health condition that may affect the child in the pool. This information will be held in confidence and provided on a need to know basis to the swimming instructors.

Spray deodorants, talc etc. must not be brought to the pool as the dressing rooms are confined spaces.  The Health and Safety Guidelines outlined by the pool authorities will be strictly adhered to.

Ratification and Review
This Swimming Policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 7 th March 2018.
This policy will be reviewed in 2021 or earlier should the need arise.

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