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Supervision Policy

Plans and Policies
Supervision Policy

Our aim in Scoil Naomh Áine, is to provide a safe place for all the children in our care to learn and play. As teachers we accept the duty of care which devolves to us. In Scoil Naomh Áine we make every effort to ensure that the children given into our care are supervised appropriately.

Duty of Care
Rules 1(4) and 124(1) of the Rules for National Schools and Section 23(2) of the Education Act 1998 oblige teachers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pupils and to participate in supervising pupils when the pupils are on the school premises, during school time and/or on school activities.  Accordingly, the responsibility of all teachers individually and collectively to provide a duty of care at all times towards the children in the school in which they teach, including periods of supervision, is accepted.

Roles and Responsibilities
The School Principal is responsible for drawing up and updating the Supervision Rota, which is made known to each person on the rota. In the event of a planned absence the person arranges with another member of the teaching staff to swap supervision duties. Substitute teachers will cover a teacher’s supervision duty where they are replacing the teacher on the day of their absence. The Principal needs to be informed of these changes in advance.

The rules for the yard and for wet break times are revised and reviewed on a regular basis. These are well known by all teaching staff and Special Needs Assistants.  The children are also made aware and constantly reminded of these rules. Sanctions for breach of these rules are explained to the children and are fair and consistent.

The School Day
The school will open to receive pupils at 9.10 a.m.
The start of school day bell rings at 9.20a.m.  
Small Break      11:00am – 11:10am
Lunch Break    12:40pm – 1:05pm
School day finishes at 2:00pm (infants) 3:00pm (all other classes)
The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for pupils arriving before 9:10am.  

Morning Supervision
  • The teachers on supervision duty will supervise the children at the back of the school and as they walk through the basketball court from 9:10 am until the school bell sounds at 9:20am.
  • Class teachers collect their children from the class line on the basketball court at 9:20am

Arrangements for Break Times:
  • During break time three teachers supervise the yard. SNA’s are also on yard supervision duty at all breaks.
  • The bell for small break sounds at 11:00 a.m. Break ends at 11:10 a.m.
  • The "eating" bell which rings at 12:30 is to allow the children to eat their lunches. This is supervised by the class teacher except on days when they are on yard duty.
  • On the day when a class teacher is on Yard duty for Lunch Break a teacher from the Special Education Team or the Principal will supervise their class.
  • The children exit with the teacher’s permission on hearing the Lunch Break bell at 12:40p.m.
  • Teachers will ensure pupils are visible on the yard at all times.
  • Children will not be allowed to spend time in classrooms, toilets or any area where they are not under adult supervision.
  • Children must remain in the school yard and not engage with adults who are outside of the school yard.
  • Children must request permission to go to the toilet during break and lunch time.
  • Teachers and Special Needs Assistants supervising the school yard will wear hi-viz jackets.
  • The bell to signal the end of Lunch Break rings at 1:05pm and the children are then supervised by the teachers on duty as they line up. Class teachers collect their class from the class line on the basketball court.

Wet Day Supervision
  • On wet days the teachers on supervision duty supervise the classrooms.  The SNAs are assigned to supervise in the classroom in which the children in their care are located. All children must remain seated and engage in activities such as board games, colouring, chatting etc. On special occasions, the teacher may play a DVD for the pupils.
  • Two 6 th class pupils go to each of the junior classes to assist them setting up games and activities.
  • Children may not access the Internet as it cannot be properly supervised.
  • On wet days the teachers on supervision duty remain on corridor supervision visiting each classroom on the corridor until all teachers return to their classrooms. One teacher will supervise Junior Infants and Senior Infants in rooms 1 and 2.  The second teacher will supervise classes in room 3, 4 and 5. Pupils from room 9 will go to the Halla Mór or Room 5. The third teacher on supervision duty will supervise room 6, 7, 8 and any pupils in the Halla Mór.
  • The primary care of the SNAs is towards the children with whom they have been charged. However they also act as yard supervisors for the general school population.

Visitors to the School Yard
Teachers on yard duty will be aware of visitors entering the schoolyard and will ascertain their intentions. They will be supervised in the discharge of their business in the yard.  All visitors are expected to report to the office.

Classes will end each day at 2:00 p.m. (infants) and 3:00 p.m. (all other classes).

Teachers ensure an orderly dismissal and that all classrooms are vacated at this time. Floors should be free from litter, chairs stacked and tables neat.
Children travelling by school bus will exit the school at 2:57pm.
Parents/Guardians will walk to the school gate to collect their child/children. Pupils will remain inside the school gate and indicate to the teachers on supervision duty with whom they will leave.

Ratification and Review
This policy was reviewed by the Board of Management on 12 th June 2018.

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