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Policy on Work Experience and School Placement

Plans and Policies

Policy on Work Experience and School Placement

The BOM of Scoil Naomh Áine is happy to welcome second level students on Work Experience and Student Teachers on School Placement.
  • Priority will be given to past pupils.
  • Second level students must have completed honours Irish at Junior Certificate level and be undertaking honours Irish at Leaving Certificate level.
  • Only one participant at a time will be accepted on a work experience programme, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Students on Work Experience will not be left in sole charge of a class.
  • Students on Work Experience / School Placement will be furnished with copies of policies which are deemed necessary or appropriate to their placement.
  • Student teachers on School Placement will be required to keep discipline in the class / group they are working with and they will be required to report to the class teacher all breaches of the schools Code of Behaviour or instances of Bullying they might observe.
  • While students on School Placement will be accommodated as far as possible in the classes or groups they wish to teach, the Principal will have the final say in what benefits the school most.
  • Students must at all times be respectful of all members of staff, Board of Management, parents and pupils.
  • Students on Work Experience / School Placement will be required to be in school for 9.10am and finish at 3pm.
  • Should Work Experience / School Placement fall at the time of an educational trip / tour / special event the student may be required to attend with the class teacher.
  • The Principal of Scoil Naomh Áine reserves the right to terminate the Work Experience / School Placement placement of any student should it be deemed necessary.
  • A copy of this policy will be given to any student on Work Experience / School Placement in Scoil Naomh Áine.
  • The actions and language of the student while in the school must be exemplary and of a professional nature.
  • Students on School Placement are expected to dress in an appropriate, professional manner and work experience students are required to dress appropriately.
  • All matters pertaining to the staff, Board of Management, Parents Association, Pupils or Parents within the school must be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • All supervisors of work experience students who visit the school including school placement supervisors will be expected to adopt a positive and respectful attitude towards their student in keeping with the school ethos of providing a positive learning and working environment.
  • Mobile phone use must be kept to a minimum and only in necessary circumstances can be used at break times.
  • Work experience students are expected to be friendly, enthusiastic and willing to engage in all aspects of school life.
  • Work experience students will be required to be on the school yard at break times.
  • Students on work experience are to inform the school in advance of any absences and to provide their contact details to the school.
  • As per circular 0031/2016 all Work Experience pupil and all School Placement students will be required to obtain Garda Vetting and provide a copy to the principal in advance of a placement in the school.

This policy was reviewed in January 2020. The next review will take place in 2023.

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